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Photos Ecopista between Tondela and Santa Ovaia

Fietsen in Portugal - Nederlands Ecopista do Dão - Português
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Km 30 - Km 25 | Inclination: + 1,0%

Ruins Santa Ovaia

Photo 1: Bridge near Tondela

Photo 2: Tondela
Here the Ecopista is illuminated with Photovoltaic energy.

Photo 3: Station of Tondela
The Ecopista passes the city of Tondela, but you hardly notices the movement of a city as it does not pass through the center. If you like to visit Tondela, turn left at the station.

Photo 4 and 5: Ruínas of Santa Ovaia
Further on, the Ecopista passes the ruins of the station of Santa Ovaia.

Photo 6: View of the Serra do Caramulo
From here to Viseu you will have nice views of the Caramulo moutains.

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