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Photos of The Blue Part - Santa Comba Dão

The Ecopista do Dão is paved with colored asphalt, blue in the county of Santa Comba Dão, green in Tondela and red in Viseu.

On this page, some nice images of the Blue Part.

The Green Part - Tondela »

The Red Part - Viseu »

Between the station and the first bridge

Km 49 - At the end of the platform of the Station of Santa Comba Dão starts the Ecopista

Km 49 - Indication at the end of the platform

Let's go!

In December

Km 46 - Nice views over the river Dão

Between the first and the second bridge

Km 45 - The first bridge. This old railway bridge over the river Dão was fully recovered and is now part of the cycle route.

Km 45 - The same bridge.

Km 43 - The Station of Treixedo, back in 1975.

Km 43 - The Station of Treixedo, today.

Very nice views of the river Dão

The second bridge, over an affluent of the river Dão

The River Beach

Km 40 - Just after the bridge (if you started in Santa Comba Dão) there is an unpaved road to the river beach Nagozela. A spectecular spot to have a break, pick-nick or swim

Km 37.5 - The pavement changes from blue (county of Santa Comba Dão) to green (county of Tondela)

Photos of the Green Part - Tondela »

Photos of the Red Part - Viseu »

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