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Mountain Bike Routes - Around the Ecopista

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ATB routes around the Ecopista do Dão, commencing at Quinta da Abelenda

Quinta da Abelenda proposes some mountain bike routes around the Ecopista and the rio Dão. Beautiful landscapes. The routes are not signalized, but can be downloaded on your GPS.
Quinta da Abelenda has good quality MTB's for rental.

Trilho de Castelejo

Leave the Ecopista at Km 47 and climb to the village of Castelejo, and enter the Ecopista at another place. Some steep climbs, but there are not many technical difficulties. The area is very beautiful, and the views over the river are fantastic. Good rides!

ATB - Trilho de Castelejo

Trilho da Abelenda

Starts and ends at the Ecopista, with beautiful views over the river Dão and the forest. With quite a few good climbs and descents and in the end a very technical part. The last section is very difficult to get down, take care. Good rides!

ATB - Trilho da Abelenda

Trilho da Ecopista do Dão

This track leaves the Ecopista near Quinta da Abelenda and goes back on it near Nagosela, by the bridge over the river Dão on the road between Viseu and Carregal do Sal. Beautiful areas with good views over the river.
To cross the river you can follow the GPS track and pass over the rocks with the bike on your shoulder (impossible to bike) . If you do not want to unmount, climb up the road and get back on course after passing the bridge.
Good rides!

ATB - Trilho da Ecopista do Dão

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Ecopista do Dão

Ecopista do Dão

Ecopista do Dão - Mountain Bike Routes Around the Ecopista