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Day Trip by Train & Bicycle

Fietsen in Portugal - Nederlands Ecopista do Dão - Português
Old railway bridge

Travel by train to the Ecopista in Santa Comba Dão
Receive a bike and cycle this beautiful old railway line
Return by train after a wonderful day trip in the nature of central Portugal

A lovely day trip. By train from eg Coimbra, Lisbon, Gouveia or Guarda to Santa Comba Dão and the beautiful cycle path the Ecopista do Dão. We pick you up from the station and we provide you with a good bike. Afterwards we bring you back to the station.

The first part of this path runs along the banks of the river Dão. Every bend in the river is followed by a bend in the Ecopista, with stannic views.

Easy cycling between the mountains of the Serra da Estrela and the Serra do Caramulo

>> Detailed information about the Ecopista do Dão

Package "Train and bicycle in central Portugal"

Daytrip from Coimbra, Gouveia, Lisbon, Leiria, Guarda and other places

Go by train to the station of Santa Comba Dão. You will arrive in Santa Comba Dão at 11.17h or 12.26h. We will pick you up at the station and bring you by car to Quinta da Abelenda (10 minutes) at the Ecopista do Dão.

Choose your bike - standard or mountain bike (both of good quality and 18 gears). You can change clothes in the bathhouse of Quinta da Abelenda if you like.

Go biking on the Ecopista, this beautiful cycle path between Santa Comba Dão and Viseu. If you want to do only a part of the Ecopista do Dão, we recommend to bike to Tondela (20 km) where you can have a coffee or lunch. Before you start, we will give you some tourist information and useful tips.

Cycle back to Quinta da Abelenda. You can change clothes or take a shower in the bathhouse if you like. Afterwards we will bring you back to the station of Santa Comba Dão.

Return by train to where you came from. Departure time in Santa Comba Dão: 16.18h, 19.09h or 19.37h

The station of Santa Comba Dão has direct connections with Lisbon, Leiria, Coimbra, Gouveia, Guarda and all stations in between.

Prices Day Trip by Train & Bicycle:

Price per person:

  • 15 € - Standard bicycle - 18 gears
  • 20 € - Mountain bike- 18 gears
  • 10 € - Children < 12 anos
Included: Transport between Quinta da Abelenda and the station of Santa Comba Dão, bicycle and helmet.
Not included: train ticket.

Every day, on request (min. 2 persons).

Bookings & information requests, contacts

If you like to include our package Descending Ecopista, we have the following prices:
  • 25 € - Standard bicycle or MTB (for 2 to 20 participants)

Ecopista do Dão, a former railway line

Bookings or information requests

Bookings or information requests can be made by telephone (+351) 963444663, or by filling in the following form:



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Time table trains

To Santa comba Dão:

Departure Arrival
Coimbra 10.15h Sta C. Dão 11.17h
Coimbra-B 10.39h Sta C. Dão 11.17h
Pombal 10.11h Sta C. Dão 11.17h
Lisboa - Oriente 08.39h Sta C. Dão 11.17h
Guarda 10.38h Sta C. Dão 12.26h
Celorico da Beira 11.08h Sta C. Dão 12.26h
Gouveia 11.26h Sta C. Dão 12.26h
Mangualde 11.47h Sta C. Dão 12.26h
Nelas 11.57h Sta C. Dão 12.26h
Other stations see:
Time Table


Departure Arrival
Sta C. Dão 16.18h / 19.37h Coimbra-B 17.03h / 20.19h  
Sta C. Dão 16.18h /19.37h Coimbra 17.06h / 20.41h
Sta C. Dão 19.37h Pombal 20.49h
Sta C. Dão 16.18h /19.37h Lisboa 19.22h / 22.22h
Sta C. Dão 19.09h Guarda 21.02h
Sta C. Dão 19.09h Celerico da Beira 20.30h
Sta C. Dão 19.09h Gouveia 20.11h
Sta C. Dão 19.09h Mangualde 19.54h
Sta C. Dão 19.09h Nelas 19.45h
Other station see:
Time Table

Package 'Descending the Ecopista'

Package 'Descending the Ecopista'

  • From Santa Comba Dão to Viseu by taxi-bus
  • From Viseu to Santa Comba Dão by bike
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Ciclovia do Dão

Ecopista do Dão - Ponte sobre o rio Dão

Ecopista do Dão - 49 km andar de bicicleta pela natureza