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Cycling on the Ecopista in central Portugal

Ecopista do Dão - Cycling in central Portugal along an abandoned railway line

Easy cycling in a beautiful landscape in the center of Portugal

The "Linha do Dão", until 1988 a railroad between Santa Comba Dão and Viseu in central Portugal, was opened again in 2011, but now as a bike and walking path called the Ecopista do Dão. With its 49 km, it is not only the longest Ecopista in Portugal, but probably the most beautiful as well.
The first part of this path, which passes in front of Quinta da Abelenda, runs along the banks of the river Dão. Every bend in the river is followed by a bend in the Ecopista, with stannic views.
Later on, the Ecopista leaves the river, but the landscape remains very beautiful, with views of mountains and valleys covered with oaks, cork oaks and chestnut trees, but also some vineyards, cultivated land and small villages. In the distance the mountains of the Serra do Caramulo (in the north) and the Serra da Estrela (in the south) are always present.

Easy cycling and walking. Because this cycle path used to be a railway, there are no steep slopes and it is very easy to cycle, although it is a mountainous area. The path is paved with colored asphalt, blue in the county of Santa Comba Dão, green in Tondela and red in Viseu.
Because of the length (49 km) and the fact that motorized vehicles are not allowed, the Ecopista is also appropriate for training the marathon.

Accommodation along the Ecopista do Dão. Quinta da Abelenda, Bed & Breakfast and self catering cotages, is located at the side of the Ecopista do Dão, at Km 47, only 2 km from the beginning of this cycle path in Santa Comba Dão. This lovely Quinta has 2 wooden cottages available for guests. The river Dão is only 200 meters away. Quinta da Abelenda has several bikes for rental and it's an excellent area for walks.

We recommend to start in Santa Comba Dão / Quinta da Abelenda. In that case you will rise slowly towards Viseu, almost without noting it, but cycling back will be easier.

Where to find the Ecopista do Dão in Portugal

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Description of the Ecopista

The descriptions below corresponds to the kilometer markers that you encounter every 500 meters.

Km 49,2 Beginning of the Ecopista, station of Santa Comba Dão
We recommend to start in Santa Comba Dão. In that case you will rise slowly towards Viseu, almost without noting it, but cycling back will be easier.
 How to get here by car?
How to get here by public transport?
Photos Ecopista near Santa Comba Dão
Km 47,1 Bike Rental
Commencement other cycle tours

All in Quinta da Abelenda, easy to reach by car.
 Bike rental
Package Descending the Ecopista
Other cycling tours
Km 47,1 Quinta da Abelenda
Bed and Breakfast and self catering cottages by the side of the Ecopista..
 Accommodation at the Ecopista
Km 44,5
Km 43,2
Bridge over the river Dão
Station of Treixedo

The old railway bridge over the river Dão was fully recovered and is now part of the cycle route.
 Photos of the bridge over the river Dão and of the former station of Treixedo
Km 40,0 Nagosela
Just after a second brige, turn right on a unpaved road to the river. A spectecular spot to have a break.
At Km 37,5 the pavement changes from blue (county of Santa Comba Dão) to green (county of Tondela).

Photos near Nagosela
Km 34,5
Km 33,5
Former station of Tonda
Dão vineyards

Between km 40 e 30 you will have lovely views over the valey of the river Paiva. Lots of oaks, cork oaks and chestnut trees, and also some nice vineyards
Near the former station of Tonda iniciates another bike route

Photos Ecopista near Tonda
Other bike tour
Km 28,7
Km 25,5
Ruins Santa Ovaia

The Ecopista passes the city of Tondela, but you hardly notices the movement of a city as it does not pass through the center. If you like to visit Tondela, turn left at the station.
Further on, the Ecopista passes the ruins of the station of Santa Ovaia.
 Photos Station of Tondela and ruins of Santa Ovaia
Km 24,0
Km 22,2

Church of Canas de Santa Maria (ruins)
Former station of Sabugosa

The old Romanesque Gothic Church of Canas de Santa Maria, built in the fourteenth century.
 Photos of th church and Sabugosa
Km 19,0
Km 18,0
Km 16,5
Former station of Parada de Gonta
Tunnel of Stª Catarina
Former station of Farminhão

Parada de Gonta is an old village, worth visiting.
The tunnel of Santa Catarina is about 200m long and illuminated with solar electricity, not always working. The pavement changes from green (county of Tondela) to red (county of Viseu).
 Photos Parada, the tunnel & Farminhão
Km 11,9
Km 10
Torredeita - Steam locomotive

Enter the steam locomotive from 1885, which is stationed in the Torredeita Station.
In Mosteirinho, the Ecopista continuous over a beautiful bridge designed by Eiffel.
 Photos Torredeita, steam locomotive and Mosteirinho
Km 7,5
Km 5,3
Former station of Figueiró
Travassós de Orgens

The station of Figuieró is now a nice café, open every day of the year from 07.00h in the morning until 02.00h at night
 Photos Figuieiró & Travassós
Km 3,3
Km 0,6

Almost in the city of Viseu.
 Photos Ecopista near Viseu
Km 0 Viseu
The end (or the beginning) of the Ecopista in the Avenida da Europa in Viseu.
 How to get here by car?
How to get here by public transport?

How to get to the Ecopista in Santa Comba Dão ?

Platform station santa comba dão
only at the end of the platform is a road sign that marks the beginning of the Ecopista

Beginning ecopista
The beginning of the Ecopista do Dão is at the station of Santa Comba Dão. This station is located a few kilometers outside Santa Comba Dão, in Vimieiro.

By car: By train: From the train station to the beginning of the Ecopista:

How to get to the Ecopista in Viseu?

o que resta da antiga estação de comboio de Viseu
what remains of the
old train station of Viseu
The beginning of the Ecopista in Viseu is very close to the place where the station used to be.

Location of the Ecopista in Viseu: Public transport to Viseu:

Ecopista do Dão - Cycling in Portugal

Ecopista do Dão - Bridge over the river Dão

Ecopista do Dão - cycling in central Portugal